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Saturday, May. 25, 2024

P&R owner: Take Covid vaccine

To the Editor:

Hi, this is Phil Farris at P&R Medical Connection. 2020 has been tough and, like many of you, we have faced the challenges Covid-19 has brought to our lives. 

The P&R family has been touched by quarantines, illness, and even loss of loved ones throughout this year. We pray that this will end soon. With the vaccines on the horizon, I urge you to consider taking this vaccine when available to you and helping us to end this period of isolation and dying.  If we don’t do this in large numbers, we’ll fight pockets of this virus for years, causing more isolation, loss of jobs, and more deaths.  

It’s time to trust in the process despite the rumors that abound.  For years we have said: “When You are sick, there is no place like home.”  That is true today more than ever, but believe me, for your sake and mine, I would rather not have your Covid business.  

Please consider the vaccine.

Phillip M Farris R.Ph.
P&R Home IV Service, Inc
via email

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