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Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2024

Monday Mailbag: realignment and more

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent sports editor

This week’s Monday Mailbag includes questions about conference realignment, Van Wert basketball, and seeding at the Division IV Elida district.

Q: Is there any update on WBL schools possibly leaving for the NLL? Name withheld upon request

A: It’s true the Northern Lakes League is looking to expand. NLL officials are eyeing two eight-team divisions. Anthony Wayne, Bowling Green, Maumee, Napoleon, Perrysburg, Springfield, Sylvania Northview and Sylvania Southview are the teams currently in the NLL.

Like you, I’ve heard about possible interest from at least one Western Buckeye League school, but I’m not going to comment on that unless there’s something concrete.

I do know there is interest among a number of Three Rivers Athletic Conference schools, but we’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

One thing is for sure – any movement will create a domino effect among other teams, conferences and leagues.

Q: It’s nice to see the Van Wert Cougars in the win column in basketball. What are your thoughts on this team – is the future bright? Name withheld upon request

A: I think the fact that the Cougars have been able to practice and play games on a consistent basis is a big key to the team’s recent success, which includes three consecutive victories. That wasn’t the case earlier this season.

While the schedule has some remaining challenges, the opening half of it was just brutal and that certainly didn’t help matters.

As far as the future, yes, I think it’s bright. It’ll be interesting to see how the Cougars finish the season, what seed they earn in the tournament and how they fair in the postseason. They could be one of those teams that no one really wants to play in the opening round.

After that, yes, I think the foundation is being laid for a fun future.

Q: Does Crestview have any shot at the No. 2 seed at the Elida district? Name withheld upon request

A: Probably not. I see Columbus Grove and Ottoville taking those spots and in some ways, it’s up for debate which one is No. 1 and which is No. 2.

I do think the Knights are true contenders for the No. 3 seed, but Lincolnview and Kalida can make that argument as well. If the coaches wait until after Friday night to submit seeding ballots, the Crestview-Lincolnview winner will probably get the third seed.

One this is for sure…the term meat grinder doesn’t even begin to describe the Division IV Elida district.

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