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Monday Mailbag: UD, shot clock, D-IV

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent sports editor

This week’s Monday Mailbag includes questions about UD Arena at the University of Dayton and Tuesday’s Crestview-Ottoville Division IV district semifinal game, plus a comment about the need for a high school shot clock.

Q: What are your thoughts on UD Arena and the state tournament? It would have been nice to have something more centrally located but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Name withheld upon request

A: I haven’t been to UD Arena personally but I know people who have and they say it’s very nice.

The girls tournament was scheduled to be held there this year and it makes sense to also hold the boys tournament there. It’s a chance for the University of Dayton to showcase its facilities and campus, at least as much as COVID-19 will allow, so it’s a win-win for them.

If all goes well, it won’t be surprising to see UD host both state tournaments for years to come.

As far as central location, it’s nice but not always necessary. Regardless of where the tournament is held, some teams are going to have a long drive and some may just have to drive a few miles.

C: I’m most definitely in favor of a shot clock in Ohio high school basketball.

I get your reasons for wanting to keep it but here is why I think it is needed: No one wants to pay hard earned money to watch a game where a team hold the ball for several minutes with no action. That isn’t basketball to me.

Maybe there should be some kind of mercy rule in place to turn it off if the game is completely out of hand?

I have never been a fan of stall ball and never will be. I don’t think the shot clock has to be as extreme as the pros or college but I think that there is room for compromise. Just my thoughts and opinion. David Morris, Fort Wayne

A: I do understand what you’re saying about teams holding the ball. I still think it’s part of strategy and is part of basketball but what you’re saying makes sense.

However, I’ve seen so many teams struggle to put the ball through the hoop and I wonder if a shot clock would only make things worse.

There is a mercy rule that’s used in OHSAA tournament play – the clock rolls once the margin hits 35 or more at any point in the second half. If a team is up by 40 at halftime, a continuous clock is used to begin the second half. Regular timing rules apply if the trailing team cuts the deficit to less than 35.

I do wonder if the OHSAA should examine making that part of the regular season and perhaps even adjust it to 30 points but as far as I know, no such plan is in the works.

We really don’t see true stall ball these days. Paul Wayne still does it and Marion Local likes to slow the pace but I’m not sure I would call it stall ball. It would be interesting to see on average how long certain teams actually hold on to the ball.

Q: Crestview vs. Ottoville – who wins at Elida on Tuesday night? Name withheld upon request

A: Do you have a coin I can flip? I think it’s too close to call but if you absolutely want an answer, I guess I’d say Ottoville is a slight favorite but I’d say it with very little confidence.

It should be a great game at Elida, a place that always seems to have nail biting tournament games.

Ottoville won the regular season matchup in overtime, 61-59. I don’t think it’ll be that high scoring of a game this time. 48 or 50 points might be enough to win it.

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