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Monday, Aug. 15, 2022

Random thoughts: fall sports, MLB, more

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent sports editor

Fall sports practices, the Cleveland Guardians, Major League Baseball’s trade deadline, Tate Martell, and a collegiate shakeup are among this week’s Random Thoughts.

Almost time

It’s hard to believe that fall sports practices – cross country, football, girls’ tennis, soccer and volleyball – will be in full swing at this time next week.

I have my fingers crossed for a sense of normalcy this fall.

The Guardians

I’ll address this one last time.

I’m not a fan of the new name picked by the Cleveland Indians organization. It just doesn’t do anything for me and it’s based off a reference that few people outside of the Cleveland area understand.

Is it the worst name? No, although some would disagree. But it seems like there were far better choices out there.

MLB trade deadline

Major League Baseball’s trade deadline is 4 p.m. this Friday. It the time of the season where playoff contenders try to bolster their respective rosters, while teams going nowhere purge the high payroll guys.

Is your team buying or selling?

Tate Martell

Let’s hope the third time is the charm for Tate Martell.

The former Ohio State quarterback, who transferred to Miami (FL) is on the move again, this time to UNLV. It’s probably where he should have gone once he announced he was leaving Ohio State.

He’ll have two years of eligibility left and he sticks around, he’ll be nearly 25 by the time he plays his last game.

It’s official

Oklahoma and Texas are off to the SEC.

Right now, it’s just a matter of when. It looks like it should be 2024-25 but it wouldn’t be shocking at all to see both schools buy their way out earlier.

Personally, from a competitive standpoint I think both schools are probably going to regret this.

What’s next?

It would appear the Big 12 (which has 10 teams) is doomed. With all due respect to the other schools, Oklahoma and Texas were the money schools, the ones who drove the bus.

The remaining schools – Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Texas Christian, Texas Tech and West Virginia are going to have a hard time making a go of it on their own. Yes, Baylor has great women’s basketball teams, Kansas is a traditional men’s hoops power, and Iowa State’s football program is up and coming. But there’s not enough “star power” there for it to keep going in the pending eight team format.

The Kansas and Iowa State to the Big 10 speculation is already underway. Many people believe West Virginia would be good fit too, but the Mountaineers have other options and reportedly prefer the ACC.

The Texas schools, Kansas State and Oklahoma State could be left out in the cold, or find themselves in a less than ideal situation.

Ohio State to the SEC

It’s out there that Ohio State and Michigan should now join the SEC.

As an Ohio State fan, let me say no thank you, pass. Not interested. The Big 10 is where both the Buckeyes and Wolverines belong.

Agree or disagree?

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