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Monday, Jan. 17, 2022

Lincolnview Theatre set to perform again

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Lincolnview Theatre is preparing for the upcoming production of Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid. This historically famous play was written in late 17th century France by Moliere, original name Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. It is a classical French farce about a hypochondriac who believes he has every ailment and is about to die.

The play has seen many productions throughout the centuries along with many adaptations. Interestingly, Moliere played the leading part of the hypochondriac and collapsed on stage during a performance to later on die of his ailment. Suffice to say, this was Moliere’s final role.

This updated version, adapted by Kenneth Weston Turner, abounds with laughter, wit, and physical comedy. In this show, cranky Argan (Avery Slusher) imagines he has every sickness there is while also being pestered by his wily, back-talking maid (Grace Sadowski). Argan is constantly seeing doctors to treat his imaginary ailments. His desperation for medical care leads him to making plans to marry his daughter Angelique (Ashley McKenzie) to a dull, young doctor (Ethan Scaggs) so he will always have a physician handy. But his daughter Angelique swears she will enter a convent first, for she is in love with the young, handsome Cleante (Jacob Grubb). Meanwhile, Argan’s cunning wife (Emma Hatcher) has deceitful ambitions going on behind his back.

Several hilarious situations evolve, including a fake doctor and a couple of funerals. Additional supporting roles are played by Connor Johnson, Maceyn Snyder, Daegan Hatfield, Cheyenne Linton, Jack Snyder, Summer Karbowiak, Kaden Hohman, Zadria King, Elizabeth Johnson, Lindsey Hatcher, Ella Davis, Olivia Snyder, Jessica Banks, and Madelyn Peters. The stage manager is Samantha Schotters with Alex Hefner on sound and Mason Waltmire running the lights. The show is directed by Chad Kraner assisted by Stacie Korte and Kim Pollock along with MaryAnn Falk as the tech. director.

Show dates are Friday, October 29, Sunday, October 31, Saturday, November 6, and Sunday, November 7. Performances will held at the Van Wert Civic Theatre with nightly performances at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 2:00 p.m. Tickets may be purchased online by visiting the school website Tickets may also be purchased by visiting the high school office or at the theatre at the time of the performance.

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