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Monday, Jan. 24, 2022

Random Thoughts: lower seeds and more

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent editor

Good luck wishes, No. 16 vs. No. 1, lower seeds, a 106-0 score, Michigan football, College Football Playoff Rankings, the Cleveland Browns and a non-sports topic make up this week’s edition of Random Thoughts.

Good luck

Best of luck to Van Wert cross country runner Hunter Sherer, who will compete as an individual at this week’s state cross country meet at Fortress Obetz.

Edison vs. Bellevue

Much has been said about Friday’s stunner in Division IV, Region 14.

No. 16 Edison defeated No. 1 seed Bellevue 23-22, but was it really a stunner?

Keep this in mind – the two teams played in Week No. 2 and Bellevue won by just a touchdown, 21-14. One of Bellevue’s top defensive players missed Friday’s playoff game. Edison runs a true old-school triple option attack and they run it very well. The Chargers controlled the clock last Friday and they were ahead for a significant part of the game.

An old triple option attack combined with a missing defensive leader and maybe it wasn’t such a shock after all.

Lower seeds

No other No. 16 seeds won during the opening round.

One No. 15 seed won, five No. 14 seeds won, four No. 14 seeds won, five No. 12 seeds won, just two No. 11 seeds won, along with just one No. 10 seeds. There are 10 ninth-seeded teams remaining in the playoffs.

Let’s see how the lower seeded teams fare this week.


Perhaps you’ve heard about a high school playoff football game that ended with a score of 106-0. That’s not a misprint, 106-0.

It happened over the weekend in California, Inglewood vs. Morningside High School. It was 59-0 after the first quarter and a running clock was put into effect in the second quarter. Inglewood’s quarterback had 13 touchdown passes.

Inglewood even went for two after scoring the game’s final touchdown and Morningside’s coach called it “a classless move.” He’s right. The winning coach didn’t pull his starters until well into the game and initially didn’t agree to a running clock.

It’s a bad look all around.

Michigan football

As an Ohio State fan I don’t like saying this but despite Michigan’s loss to Michigan State, the Wolverines have a very good team.

Yes, there’s the matter of giving up two touchdowns and a pair of two point conversions, but still, this team is much improved. I honestly don’t know why they used two different quarterbacks when up by 16.

It’ll be interesting to see how they do before the November 27 game vs. Ohio State. They should beat Indiana and Maryland, but there’s a November 13 game against Penn St.

Playoff rankings

The first College Football Playoff Rankings will be released tomorrow night and like previous years, I’m sure it’ll send people into a tizzy, especially if your team isn’t the top four.

Relax people – it’s the final poll that matters, not the first one.

Cleveland Browns

The honeymoon may be over for head coach Kevin Stefanski. The Cleveland Browns are now 4-4. The defense is still very suspect and the offensive play calling has become somewhat strange.

Plenty of people are blaming Baker Mayfield but as a friend of mine said, that’s like blaming a pitcher when infielders commit a couple of errors.

I know there are some injuries, but this team should be better. Not Super Bowl better, but better than they are now.

Non-sports related

Daylight saving time ends this weekend.

I’m not a fan of the time change and never have been. We’re on DST eight months out of the year…Either stay on it or go entirely to Eastern Standard Time.

If you have thoughts on any of the above subjects, feel free to email me at

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