The Van Wert County Courthouse

Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022

Fish fingerlings, tree seedlings for sale

VW independent staff and submitted information

The Van Wert Soil & Water Conservation District is taking orders for fish fingerlings and tree seedlings.

The fish sale is an opportunity for pond owners to stock or re-stock the ponds at a reasonable cost. The types of fish available are: largemouth bass, blue gill, channel catfish, shellcracker, black crappie, yellow perch, black fat head minnow and white amur.

Orders will be accepted until April 29. Payment is expected when placing the order. The fish will be delivered to the SWCD office May 5.

Stocking recommendations for a one acre pond are: 100 largemouth bass, 500 blue gill, 100 channel catfish, 500-1000 fat head minnow.

White amur recommendations are based on the amount of weed cover in the pond. If the pond has 20-40 percent vegetation the recommendation is 10 amur; above 40 percent weed cover the recommendation is 15 amur.

Orders will be boxed and ready at the time of delivery.

The deadline to purchase seedlings from the Van Wert Soil and Water Conservation District is March 25. The seedlings are available in packets of ten at a minimal cost. The delivery date is late April. Payment (cash / check) is required when placing the order.

The following seedling species are available: Sugar Maple, Red Osier Dogwood, Colorado Blue Spruce, Bald Cypress, Norway Spruce, Swamp White Oak, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Black Chokeberry, Pin Oak, Bur Oak, and Red Bud.

Two seed packets are available. They include: wildflower seed and butterfly/hummingbird seed. The 1 oz. wildflower seed contains 15-16 different annual and perennial species adapted for this area will cover 300 sq. ft. The 1 oz. butterfly/hummingbird seed contains 10-13 annual and perennial varieties will cover 300 sq. ft.

This program is open to the public.

Order forms for fish and/or seedlings are available in the office, 1185 Professional Drive, Van Wert, on the website at, or by emailing

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