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Friday, Jun. 14, 2024

Group against Grover Hill wind farm

To the Editor:

There is a predator in our midst and it threatens everyone in our community.

This vicious beast is enormous, strong, and seemingly unstoppable. It poses as being like us, so that we will let our guard down and begin to trust it. That is the biggest mistake of our lives.

This creature of the dark has moved in on our lands and has already preyed upon our residents, and even turned some against each other. It has torn up our land and left craters in its wake where our history once stood. Sadly, this abomination does all this for its own greed, as it uses the misfortune it creates for others to feed upon and grow. It will not stop until it devours everything, leaving nothing but a wasteland in its path.

This monster goes by many names, but here we know it by the name Grover Hill Wind, LLC. This company has maliciously begun construction without the approval of the OPSB in an attempt to capitalize on a tax benefit years before their their project could possibly be approved for construction. In this process, they went through local approvals for their shady actions, approvals that they knew would not require them to research the land for historical significance.

With much of our county’s land holding so much history is it possible they knew something could be found that would jeopardize their plans? If they were such a competitive energy source in the market then why do they resort to such immoral and unethical practices to qualify for a large bite of our hard earned taxpayer dollars?

GHW LLC is threatening our home values as they bring in their mammoth machines that literally clutter the landscape as far as the eyes can see, transforming our small town into an industrial wasteland where a tight knit community once stood. How much more do we need in Paulding County?

They use money as their tool to turn us against one another, and it tears the fabric of the community apart, while also ripping a part relationships within our own families. They choose a few families and bestow upon them the power to dictate what quality of life that comes with living rurally in a small community. Sadly, most of these people choose to take the money in exchange over everyone else’s pursuit of happiness. These companies know this is the most effective method to manipulate and they rely on it every time.

Ginna Hinchcliff
Protect Grover Hill Skies anti-wind group

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