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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2024

Eggerss is community

To the Editor:

I am taking the time to write this letter to share my reasons for supporting the Eggerss Stadium project in downtown Van Wert. I know that many of you reading this may have had similar experiences as me, but some may be new to our community and have not had a lifetime to build the same fond memories. I want to share a few reasons to support Eggerss Stadium, regardless of your situation.

I spent much of my life downtown Van Wert. I have directed bands in parades, marched in parades, owned a downtown business and building, worked for a foundation located downtown, created concert series in Fountain Park, and now work in a church located in the heart of Van Wert. I have served on many economic committees and downtown associations over the years. I have been very invested in time, desire, finances, and passion for downtown Van Wert.

When it came time to make a decision on building a new stadium or renovating Eggerss Stadium, it has been an easy decision for me. In my mind, Eggerss Stadium is as iconic to Van Wert as the Brumback Library, the County Courthouse, and First United Methodist Church. At the turn of this century, First UM Church made a commitment to stay downtown and serve the community from its centralized location. A two plus million dollar project took place and set the church and its congregation to be a beacon of light at the corner of Central and Jefferson for all residents of Van Wert and beyond. I am very pleased that my church, First UM is the gathering place for many community services, concerts, and events.

Eggerss Stadium has a rich heritage in downtown Van Wert. Generations have watched football games from PAL (PeeWee) to high school; band shows by the Cougar Marching Band, the US Navy Drum Corp, and several university bands. Many of us have marched on the field, practiced on the field, had kids play in the band, on football teams, and grew up watching our heroes, the Mighty Cougars.

The decision to renovate Eggerss Stadium comes down to, who do we feel all these memories belong to? I realize the stadium is owned by the Van Wert City Schools, but like the schools, a vote for Eggerss is a vote for community. Ultimately, this stadium of nearly 100 years of memory belongs to the people and community of Van Wert. WE are the Mighty Cougars! I urge you to vote yes in the upcoming election for the community of Van Wert. I would hate to lose my memories and I hope many new generations will create many new cherished memories.

Paul Hoverman
Van Wert

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