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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2024

White: vote yes on Eggerss issue

To the Editor:

May 3 affords an opportunity for the citizens in the Van Wert School District to make a positive difference in our community. This opportunity is to vote yes in favor of renovating Eggerss Stadium, preserving a structure rich in history, pride, and memories. But that is hardly the whole story. There is great opportunity to do much more with Eggerss going forward. It certainly can be a lynchpin to other types of entertainment in downtown Van Wert, the likes of which we have never imagined. 

One comment I’ve heard is that citizens think it’s a great idea, support it, and will vote for it. However, people want to know the plan to maintain the facility going forward. And it’s a great question. Has maintenance been considered and what does a maintenance plan look like? I’ve been involved as a volunteer promoting the Eggerss Stadium renovation idea for over 10 months. If taking care of the stadium was not well thought out and addressed up front, I would not have been part of the effort to preserve Eggerss. 

So, what is the plan? There are four different avenues that will contribute to the maintenance of the stadium going forward. First is the permanent improvement fund. While I can’t get into specifics, this fund is earmarked just for what it implies: maintaining and improving facilities already in place. I do know this fund has a sizable amount of money flowing into it annually and a portion of this will be used to maintain the stadium facilities in the future. 

Second is the newly formed athletic facilities fund. Money flows into it from many different supporting sources in the district. This fund is used to support all athletic facilities in the district. It is vital that all sports are represented and supported with this fund and they will be. A portion of that fund can be used to maintain the stadium. 

Third is future naming rights. With the passage of this levy, there will be multiple opportunities to name certain features of a newly renovated stadium after loved ones, on behalf of businesses, etc. Some of these include the playing field, press box, band bleachers, locker rooms, concession building, scoreboard, etc. This can create steady revenue used to insure the stadium is kept sound and up to date. 

Finally, individual one-time and ongoing donations and bequests. While these cannot be counted on as steady income, I’ve heard of a number of people who want to financially help insure the stadium is properly maintained. 

To sum it all up, my opinion is Eggerss Stadium is without a doubt a facility worth keeping and preserving. I urge you to vote YES with the confidence that the renovations will do the job of preserving the Stadium for decades to come, will increase safety and usability, will enhance the quality of life in Van Wert and the downtown area, and will be maintained properly to keep the facility in top condition. 

Let’s do this one for ourselves! 

John White

Co-Chair, Eggerss Stadium Renovation Committee

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