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Tuesday, Sep. 27, 2022

Brian Laing

Brian Laing, age 63, passed away Sunday, September 4, 2022.

He was the third son of Robert Bruce Laing and Mary Edith Lindsay Laing.

He was preceded in death by both parents and his oldest brother, Robert Scott Laing who passed away on May 10, 2022. Kevin Michael Laing of Van Wert survives. His paternal grandparents were Bruce and Treva Laing, and maternal grandparents were John and Evelyn Lindsay of Fredonia, New York.

Brian Laing

He is survived by his brother Kevin Michael Laing of Van Wert. He is also survived by his aunt, Dottie Harris of Orlando, Florida, and her two children with several grandchildren, and his aunt Geraldine Fennessy of Libby, Montana and her four children and several grandchildren, and Maria Cline, who assisted Brian in day to day living.

Brian was born deaf which was not diagnosed until he was four years old. At the recommendation of family doctors and specialists, he was enrolled at St Rita School for the Deaf in Evendale, which is a residential Catholic school heralded as progressively promoting verbal skills as well as sign language for communication. Brian would travel back and forth to school for breaks and weekend visits with Julie Decker Jones of Decatur, Indiana, and Rick Hawk of Celina. After graduation in 1979, Brian attended NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) in Rochester, New York. After completing his education Brian took a computer inputting position in the San Francisco, California area. He lived in California, regularly visiting his parents in Scottsdale, Arizona until he returned to Van Wert in 2001.

Brian has many friends that he met during his schooling, through meetings of the deaf community, and his travels. He also was a favorite around the Elks pool and Taylor’s Flowers where he loved hanging around. Only being home on certain weekends and during summer breaks made it a challenge to make friends in Van Wert, yet he did. Brian had a sweet disposition and an easy way about him that was endearing. He was generous (sometimes to a fault), loved to cook and eat good food, and spent endless hours video calling his friends around the world. Brian was blessed to travel to many exotic places and enjoyed experiencing new cultures. He loved telling stories and had a dramatic flair. Brian loved Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and reveled in attending services at New Hope Christian Center with its Deaf Ministry facilitated by Sheryl Menke.

Brian had a long-term disability which was exacerbated by his developing Type 2 Diabetes. Over the years, the combination of his medications and Diabetes his kidneys became fragile, and his heart was damaged. Brian had spent over two months in hospital during this last year trying to stabilize his heart and kidneys. It became a situation of one step forward and two steps back until his body could no longer sustain itself.

A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday, September 26, at Woodland Cemetery in Van Wert. The family will also remember and celebrate Brian’s oldest Brother, Scott, who passed away 3 ½ months ago.

Preferred memorials: Van Wert EMS; Laing Memorial Fund of Van Wert County Foundation; Elton John Aids Foundation; The Trevor Project, or a charity that you believe represents the personality of Brian Patrick Laing. Many thanks to all who have reached out with condolences.

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