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Tuesday, May. 30, 2023

State releases annual school report cards

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent editor

A different year brings a different look to the Ohio Department of Education’s Ohio School Report Cards for the state’s public schools.

The 2021-2022 ODE report cards are different that previous ones in the fact they feature five rated components and a rating system of 1-5 stars, with one star representing the lowest performance and five the highest, instead of the previous A-F grading scale. However, districts and schools did not receive overall ratings this year.

The five components are achievement, early literacy, progress, graduation and gap closing.

“The more we understand the needs of students through the Ohio School Report Card results and other data, the better we can personalize education, focus instruction and tailor enrichment programs to accelerate and enhance learning,” Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Stephanie Siddens said in a statement. “Ohio’s education community, together with families, is working to improve achievement for students. Our charge is clear, and the work ahead remains more urgent than ever as we continue an emphasis on literacy and mathematics acceleration while providing supports and interventions to help students overcome obstacles to learning.”

Locally, Van Wert City Schools earned five stars in the graduation category, four stars for gap closing and three stars for achievement, progress and early literacy.

“Van Wert City Schools is overall pleased to see that we are meeting or exceeding state requirements as a district in all categories during a challenging pandemic,” Superintendent Mark Bagley said. “We will continue to look at the data on the report card and use that to drive our instructional approach. As always we are committed to doing what’s best for kids and focusing on what will work best for our community.”

Crestview earned five stars for achievement and graduation, four stars for gap closing and early literacy, and one star for progress.

“I believe the choices at the state level to move the reporting on districts’ local report cards to star ratings with an emphasis on creating a report that is easier for our stakeholders to read and understand embodies steps in the right direction,” Superintendent Kathy Mollenkopf said. “However, the mandated grade level assessments still reflect a ‘snapshot’ of any one student’s performance on one particular day. While I am extremely pleased with our students’ performance on the achievement component (elementary 5 stars, and middle school and high school each with 4 stars), our district’s focus has been the personal growth of each individual student. I am grateful for the efforts of our teachers and staff everyday in their efforts toward this end.”

Lincolnview was given five stars for graduation and gap closing, four stars for achievement, three stars for progress and two stars for early literacy.

“Lincolnview Local schools is overall pleased with the state of Ohio’s School Report Card, however we do recognize that the achievement tests are one snapshot in time by our students each spring,” Superintendent Jeff Snyder said. “Throughout the year, we continue to make improvements with students’ academic achievement as we have a fantastic staff of dedicated teachers who strive for the highest level for each of their students. Lastly, we will review and make note of the data that we recently received for the state report card and along with other assessments that we give our students throughout the year, and we will work on academic progress, academic growth, and students’ preparedness for college and/or a career.”

The Ohio Department of Education created an online guide to understanding the report cards, which shows how stars will be used for other measurement areas.

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