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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2024

Marsh Trustees say thank you

To the Editor:

The Marsh Foundation was able to celebrate its 100th anniversary of serving children and families the weekend of September 16 and 17 thanks to the ongoing generous support of the Van Wert community.

When George H. Marsh passed away in 1920, he left behind a lasting legacy as a man who had dedicated his life to improving the quality of life for so many in Van Wert. At one point in time, George H. Marsh was the largest employer in Van Wert County through his ownership of the Eagle Stave Company and the Marsh Hotel. He used the profits from those businesses to benefit the people of Van Wert.

His philanthropic efforts were very impressive. He purchased the old schoolhouse on Central Avenue and turned it into a well-equipped hospital and nursing school and donated it to the citizens of Van Wert County. He built the YWCA as a means of assisting and educating women. And, in his death, he brought his late wife’s desire to assist children in need to life with his bequeathing of a children’s home and school – The Marsh Foundation.

Prior to George’s passing, the Marsh family had a vision, a vision of how to assist children and families who needed a helping hand. They did that in so many ways and in doing so have left a lasting legacy in Van Wert history. None, however, seem to compare to The Marsh Foundation.

The people of Van Wert respected and admired George H. Marsh then, and the Van Wert community continues to respect his family and their gifts to our community today.

As of today, in 2022, 100 years later, The Marsh has served 2,514 children. That is 2,514 lives directly impacted by The Marsh, and many more indirectly impacted through families, employees, schoolmates, foster families and more. The difference that the Marsh family has made is literally immeasurable.

Today, as the trustees of The Marsh Foundation, we are proud to be continuing this legacy. The immense responsibility of this role is not lost on us. We take this job very seriously and treat it with the utmost respect. It is our hope and intent that the Marsh’s gift will continue to benefit children and families for the next century and beyond.

The mission of The Marsh Foundation is to inspire hope, to teach and to care for children and families. Just as George H. Marsh wrote in his last will and testament, we continue to assist children in need each and every day.

We are grateful to be part of such a generous and supportive community. Van Wert is home to many compassionate and loyal residents. It is truly a wonderful place to call home. Thank you for the century of unwavering support. From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you for making our 100th anniversary celebration weekend so meaningful.

The Marsh Foundation Board of Trustees
Bob Gamble, Gary Clay and Gary Corcoran

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