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Friday, Apr. 12, 2024

Reidel: Vote yes on Issue 1

My time as a state representative has been rife with legislation geared at providing increased public safety for the people of Ohio. I have voted in favor of over 30 pieces of legislation to help fight crime in this state and it all stems from unyielding respect for law and order.

I grew up in a household where law enforcement was held in the highest esteem and since my childhood, have held a steadfast commitment and respect for the execution of the law. Many of these values have been learned from my father. He was a military man, serving in the U.S. Army from 1958-1964 as a military policeman and touring for one year in Korea. Following his service in the armed forces, he began a career as an Ohio State Highway Patrolman for five years. His service to our country and the great State of Ohio has been fundamental in my role as a lawmaker.

Craig Riedel

As a state legislator, I have taken these ideals with me to the Statehouse where I have tried to impart these same values in every vote, co-sponsorship or piece of legislation that I have authored.

I have been a part of countless pieces of legislation derived to keep Ohioans safe from criminals. One of the most critical pieces of legislation I have co-sponsored this General Assembly is bail reform through House Joint Resolution 2. Our current system does not require courts to consider the safety of the public when determining bail. This has allowed repeat offenders charged with violent crimes to be given minimal conditions of bail and return to the public. HJR2 will be included on the November 8 ballot as Issue No. 1 for all Ohioans to vote on. It’s important that the citizens of Ohio help implement public safety as a mandatory consideration in the determination of bail and it’s my hope that Ohioans will vote to pass
Issue No. 1.

When discussing crime, the recidivism rates of offenders must also be considered which is why I cosponsored the Reagan Tokes Law, legislation that will expand GPS monitoring of offenders released on probation. Reagan was an Ohio State University student who was murdered by an offender on probation for robbery and attempted rape. This is just one among many examples of why closely monitoring released offenders is a vital step in protecting the public.

While these two pieces of legislation are crucial in keeping those that have either been charged or convicted of serious violent crimes accounted for, I have also voted in favor of legislation that gives law enforcement officers the tools they need to perform their duties and ensure public safety.

I have shown my support for legislation such as the Ohio Law and Order Act, which creates new laws for rioting offenses and allows peace officers to file civil suits against individuals participating in a riot. I voted to expand the offense of Obstruction of Justice, which includes failure to comply with a lawful order from law enforcement. I voted in favor of providing township police jurisdiction on interstates by authorizing them to make arrests for certain traffic offenses and I support legislation that will revise the Failure to Comply law when a motor vehicle is used to commit an offense. Additionally, I voted to increase the penalty for drug offenses in the vicinity of addiction treatment centers for recovering addicts.

Currently, Representative Phil Plummer and I sponsored HB 337. Named the “Hero Award,” it would provide a one-time $1000 bonus award to eligible first responders through the use of ARPA funds. I hope to get this passed by the end of the year to further show my appreciation for the men and women that protect us.

In the 133rd General Assembly, I voted to increase the penalty for theft in the workplace with added restitution through Senate Bill 10. I also supported various legislation to curtail sexual exploitation including the creation of a sexual exploitation database.

In the 132nd General Assembly, I supported Senate Bill 158 to protect the elderly by increasing penalties for fraud. I helped to increase the penalty for sexual imposition if an offender has three or more sexual offenses through House Bill 96. I also furthered my support for first responders and military service members through House Bill 38, which implements a protected class that expands the offense of aggravated murder if an offender knowingly targets them. Through Senate Bill 1, I helped crack down on
drug offenses by increasing the penalty against drug traffickers and dealers when fentanyl is involved.

I have spent my career as a state representative making Ohio a better place to live through public safety legislation and criminal justice reform. It has been paramount that I also help protect the lives of those who serve. As I continue my role as a state legislator, I will continue to fight for our state and country to bring criminals to justice by being tough on crime.

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