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Wednesday, May. 22, 2024

A Family Thing…

As January comes to a close, we look ahead to all the shows and our audience that continues to grow. The Niswonger patron on any given night has traveled an average of 30 miles to be entertained. The majority of which are families who are looking for memory-making opportunities from the stage. But what is it that beckons our friends from far and near? For this information, I relied upon our patrons who made their points quite clear.

Audra Zinn grew up in Van Wert and has returned after living in urban settings hundreds of miles from northwest Ohio. She was delighted to return home and see the opportunity for arts and culture to exist in her hometown.

“I truly appreciate the regional stage of the Niswonger Performing Arts Center being right here in my backyard,” Zinn said. “Having access to a variety of entertainment within our community is important to me and my kiddos… and this place nails it!”

Van Wert takes great pride in their performing arts center. On any given night at The Niswonger, Van Wert residents account for 30 percent of the audience. The other 70 percent in 2022 alone came from 37 states and Canada. Nearly 10 percent of this audience attended the Niswonger for the very first time. The Van Wert Live mission is to provide entertainment experiences that are so good they demand a return. Our hope is that the average customer will attend three shows in a calendar year. This hope drives operational action. From the moment tickets are purchased until after the customer leaves the parking lot, our focus is to ensure the customer experience is deserving of a return.

The Niswonger Performing Arts Center is the crown jewel of Van Wert. Photos courtesy of Darin Hohman, Dark Horse Productions

We are not always perfect in our delivery, but overwhelmingly, we hear positive reviews about the hospitable service guests receive when they attend a show. For more insights, I contacted a ticket buyer from Lima, Ohio to receive their honest feedback on their entertainment experience.

“We’ve been to venues around the country both large and small,” said Brenda Waltermire of Lima. “The size of the Niswonger facility, the quaintness of the environment, and the service provided by the staff are unprecedented. The maintenance of the facility is very important to our family. The Niswonger both looks and smells nice and that matters. The little details like the ‘Know Before You Go’ communication provides ease and is so accommodating. You really can’t ask for better prices for the quality performances that Van Wert Live delivers.”

The glowing reviews add fuel to our operation fire. But the Van Wert Live team knows that continuous improvement is vital for continued growth. After every Van Wert Live performance, a survey is shared with the ticket buyers of that event. We want to know if the experience improved your mood for the better. Was the experience so good that you will return? Was this your first show at the Niswonger? How can we do better? This information is very valuable to our staff who reviews each response and creates actionable items to address them effectively.

The Niswonger Performing Arts Center is the crown jewel of Van Wert County. The Van Wert Live staff is grateful for the opportunity to serve the region with entertainment from this opulent venue. The roster for 2023 continues to grow and boasts both popular commercial artists and new emerging artists. Van Wert is an entertainment destination for over 35,000 people a year. Until there is not one empty seat on any given night, the quest for audience growth is incomplete. Please help us share the good news of entertainment right at home that is hard to beat.

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