The Van Wert County Courthouse

Sunday, Jun. 16, 2024

Cooper Farms thanks food bank

To the Editor:

As a third generation egg farmer and a proud member of this community, I understand the importance of nutritious food, giving back and being a good neighbor. I would like to thank West Ohio Food Bank in Lima, Ohio, for being a vital resource for food insecure families in west Ohio and for assisting in distributing 54,000 eggs from my family’s farm to residents who need them most.

As food providers, America’s egg farmers have a responsibility to ensure that those who may not have the means or ability to put a meal on the table have access to fresh, wholesome and nutritious eggs. I am humbled and honored to join fellow egg farmers across the country in donating 5.5 million eggs to hunger relief organizations that serve our local communities.

We know that eggs are one of the most nutritious, wholesome sources of protein available, and protein has great value to those who are hungry – and to the hunger relief organizations who serve them.

On behalf of America’s egg farmers, I would like to thank everyone who works in and supports hunger relief for your dedication and vital service. I am pleased to ensure through this donation that food insecure families here in our community will enjoy nutritious, locally produced eggs this spring.

Cole Cooper
Facility Maintenance Manager
Cooper Farms

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