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Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2024

Random Thoughts: very random edition

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent editor

The latest installment of Random Thoughts includes good luck wishes to local athletes, an impressive feat, a ‘grand’ win, an OHSAA referendum item, the Indy 500 and a tasty non-sports thought.

Good luck

Best of luck to Lincolnview’s softball and baseball teams – they’re slated to play in the regionals and district respectively on Wednesday.

Also best of luck to all remaining local track and field athletes who will compete at the regional level this week.


Here’s another impressive feat by Lincolnview’s baseball program. In addition to winning four consecutive (that’s back-to-back-to-back-to-back) NWC titles, a Lancer has now won the last six NWC Player of the Year Awards.

Here is the list:

2018 – Chayten Overholt

2019 – Jaden Youtsey

2021 – Landon Price

2022 – Landon Price

2023 – Dane Ebel

2024 – Luke Bollenbacher

Of course, no one won the award in 2020 because there were no spring sports. Everything was shut down because of COVID-19.

A ‘grand’ walk off win

Is there anything more exciting than a grand slam walk off win?

That’s what happened during Sunday’s TinCaps-Cubs game. Fort Wayne trailed 6-5 in the bottom of the 10th, when Albert Fabian launched a bases loaded home run to right field, giving the TinCaps a 9-6 win over South Bend.

What a treat for the fans at the game.


The OHSAA’s referendum item 1B has been approved by member schools. If you’re not familiar with it, it allows any school to move up to Division I on a sport-by-sport basis for one season.

My question is – how many schools are actually going to do this and why would they? I guess we’ll get the answer soon enough – schools have to notify the OHSAA by June 3.

Indy 500

Of course, the Indianapolis 500 is this Sunday. I have yet to attend one, although I’d like to at some point.

Who around here has gone and what kind of experience was it?

You can do that?

A non-sports item for you – I was in the drive-through line at McDonald’s on Sunday and the guy in front of me ordered a triple quarter pounder. Wait, what? You can do that?

I was so impressed and the guy (I have no idea who he is) instantly became my new hero. After a day or two to think about it, he’s still kind of a hero but I realize a triple quarter pounder for me probably isn’t such a good idea.

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