The Van Wert County Courthouse

Tuesday, May. 30, 2023

In 1914, the YMCA in Van Wert was founded for the benefit of young Christian men in the city and began a rich tradition of service to this community. That tradition continues more than 100 years later as the YMCA looks to the future and the needs of new generations of local families. I am […]

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Editor’s note: This is the last of three columns on economic development by Ohio Representative Craig Riedel. With 27 years of experience in business combined with what I have already learned in my time as your state representative, I know just how important it is to have strong employers and capable workers. Not only does […]

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Editor’s note: This is the second of three columns on economic development by Ohio Representative Craig Riedel. In my last column, I discussed the importance of workforce and business development in Ohio, especially in the 82nd House District. A lot of progress has been made-both through a key partnership with JobsOhio and business-friendly policies and […]

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An issue I have taken up as a top priority during my first term as your state representative is workforce and business development. The key to long-term, stable economic success in Ohio often comes down to one thing-employment. As a conservative, I believe in policies that encourage economic development and support the workforce, both through […]

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I first walked through the doors of Vantage Career Center in 1977 as an incoming high school junior, eager to learn new skills and start my career. I didn’t know very much about Vantage, other than it was new to the community and offered programming that appealed to me at that time. Little did I […]

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As Treasurer of Ohio, I believe taxpayers have a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent. All too often, we, the people, aren’t able to follow our money once we write a check to city hall, the state capital, or Washington, D.C. I believe that when we make government small in size and […]

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Prevailing wage is a state calculated mandated wage that is used on all local government construction jobs that exceed $250,000 in total value.  State universities, cities, counties, townships and other government entities such as libraries, museums and fairgrounds are all required to pay prevailing wage when they are using taxpayer funds. Simply stated, prevailing wage […]

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Live long and prosper! Buckeyes are taking Spock’s famous advice to heart. Over the past three decades, Ohioans’ life expectancies have increased in every county. They can thank healthcare programs like Medicare Part B for these increases in longevity. Part B helps seniors pay for lifesaving medicines, such as chemotherapy, that must be administered by healthcare […]

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Finally, it can begin. After a couple years of adjusting the power structure and reorganizing and combining efforts, 2017 purports to be the birth of a new era. Local resident Stacy Adam takes the helm as Director of the Van Wert Area Economic Development Corporation (VWAEDC – still trying to get people to pronounce it […]

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2016 may have been a year of restructuring economic development in Van Wert, but it was anything but a lost year. On multiple fronts, efforts that have been brewing in the background over the last several months have either paid off or are beginning to blossom. The Van Wert Area Economic Development Corporation Board recently […]

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