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Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022

VW Manor #1 Ohio assisted living facility

VW independent/submitted information

The Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, a division of the Ohio Department of Aging, has released results of the 2017 Long-Term Care Resident Satisfaction Survey.

Van Wert Manor was named the No. 1 assisted living for overall resident satisfaction in 2017 for the state of Ohio. The statewide average score for resident satisfaction in assisted living facilities was 85.2 (out of 100), while Van Wert Manor received a satisfaction score of 98.62.

Van Wert Manor residents and staff celebrate the facility being named the No. 1 Ohio assisted living facility in customer satisfaction. i

The survey, conducted through face-to-face interviews with residents of nursing homes and residential care (assisted living) facilities, gauges residents’ satisfaction with an array of focus areas related to their care and everyday life.

“For a decade and a half, the Long-Term Care Consumer Guide has helped older Ohioans and their families make one of the most difficult and important decisions in their lives or that of a loved one,” said Erin Pettegrew, acting state long-term care ombudsman. “The guide and its annual satisfaction surveys are also valuable resources for facility staff and leadership as they continue to reach toward a higher bar for quality.”

“We sometimes forget that these facilities are ‘home’ for those who live there. Residents deserve their homes to be as responsive to their needs and reflective of their interests and values as possible,” added Beverley Laubert, interim director of the Ohio Department of Aging. “Scores in this and other surveys show us that person-centered care not only drives customer satisfaction upward, but also leads to higher quality of life and better health outcomes.”

The 2017 Long-Term Care Resident Satisfaction Survey was conducted between July and December 2017 by Vital Research LLC through a competitive contract with the Department of Aging. Surveyors conducted structured face-to-face interviews with a random sample of residents in each facility. A total of 23,145 residents in 963 nursing homes and 12,849 residents of 687 assisted living facilities were interviewed. Slightly more than half of each type of facility (501 nursing homes and 357 assisted living) scored above the statewide average.

In addition to overall satisfaction, the survey measures how well specific aspects of the facility meet the residents’ needs and expectations. Areas explored include environment, choice and quality of meals, safety, care, staff and how residents spend their time, along with others. In both types of facilities, residents were most satisfied with the environment for example, cleanliness, privacy, and overall care. Lower satisfaction was reported with meals and how residents spend their time.

“We are excited to be awarded the No. 1 Assisted Living in Ohio for resident satisfaction. We value our resident satisfaction each and every day, and to get awarded this from our residents means a lot to us,” said Van Wert Manor Administrator Jacque Welch. “I cannot begin to thank our residents, staff, and community alike more for continuing to support us.”

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