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Friday, Dec. 3, 2021

Cooper Farms announces higher pay scale

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OAKWOOD –Cooper Farms announces new, higher pay scale, paid-time-off (PTO) at hire, and a new option for flexible part-time work. The current job market is like nothing most Americans have ever seen, so Cooper Farms’ recently announced changes with the hope they will attract new team members and show appreciation to the team already on board. 

Full-time production team members at the egg and turkey processing locations are now starting out at a competitive wage of $15.25 or higher per hour, with PTO immediately at hire. Farm positions may vary, based on the skill and labor involved, but now start at $14.25 and increase from there.

“Looking at our competition, we think this $15 range is really what people are searching for when they’re exploring new opportunities,” said Gary Cooper, COO of Cooper Farms. “And the lack of paid time off during the first year at many new jobs is always a frustration, so we believe that will be attractive to people as well.” 

With flexibility being such a high demand, especially with the younger crowd, the company is introducing a new Flexible Part-Time position at their St. Henry and Van Wert plants, in which new team members can work whenever they are able on a part-time basis. While the program comes with a lower starting wage and minimal benefits, it will be ideal for many people out there. 

“There are a number of people out there that can’t work a consistent 40-plus hour work week because of many different reasons,” said Cooper. “For example, maybe they’re only available Tuesdays and Fridays, or maybe they want to be home when their kids get on or off the bus for school, but they do want to work. Those are the people we hope to bring in to fill these roles.” 

Cooper believes it’s important to embrace the opportunity for change, rather than attempt to combat it. 

“The market is extremely unique right now,” said Cooper. “We hope by choosing to adapt to the current situation instead of fighting against it, we can really bring in a new, large group of team members to join our team.” 

On top of these new changes, Cooper Farms is also offering new-hire bonuses to CDL drivers and maintenance team members, and a higher referral bonus program. To explore open opportunities, visit

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