The Van Wert County Courthouse

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023

First Presbyterian Church makes donation

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Louie Crow of the First Presbyterian Church Mission Committee donated a check for $1,000 to Terry Dietsch, representing the public charity Real Prayer Inc.

This organization of three volunteers delivers digital booklets of faith worldwide at an average cost of under 11 cent each. These booklets are particularly relatable while blended with the concise brevity style of writing that Terry used in police reports years earlier.

A check for $1,000 is passed from Louie Crow to Terry Dietsch. Photo submitted

One of the more humbling experiences occurred in March while the capital of Ukraine was being bombed. People from that community continued to read the Russian translation of the “Real Prayer” booklet. The summer focus of this ministry is to expand the “Real Prayer” booklet from area jail libraries to a .pdf edition in a digital library which services various jails and prisons within the United States.

Because of the ministry’s focus on impoverished countries, the primary website ( contains no solicitation.

Fundraising is limited to the immediate area on their business website, which includes their annual report and a three minute video on how donations are used:

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