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Lancer Lines

By: Lincolnview Local Schools


Students in Mrs. Breese’s social studies classes have become cartographers, creating their own themed maps. They have designed their countries and added geographic features, cities, a compass rose, a scale, and many fun attractions. Their maps are part of our geography unit. Photo submited

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On May 8, the Lincolnview Lancer first-graders went to the Fort Wayne Zoo! They had fun learning about the animals, their characteristics, and habitats. Some of the students’ favorite zoo animals were the monkeys, red pandas, and the snakes! Shown above are three of teacher Kris Tow’s students: Brody Collins, Leo Mueller, and Landen Hurless.

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Recently in the Lincolnview Elementary physical education classroom, students finished up a gymnastics unit. In the unit, students were put together in groups of 4-6 students. The students had two weeks to prepare their routines before performing in front of their class. The routines included a series of four types of rolls and four types of travels. The rolls include: forward roll, egg roll, parachute roll, and log roll. The types of travels include: skip, hop, jump, and leap. Pictured practicing their gymnastics routine include fourth grade students Brooklyn Byrne, Sophia Brickner, Bosten Bailey, Aubrey Miller, and Josie Miller. 

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Lincolnview fifth grade music classes have been learning about rhythm through games and performance in Stacie Korte’s class. In addition, the students have been learning about transmission of sound, vibration and pitch, volume, and reflection/absorption of sound with instruments in Brian Niemeyer’s class.

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The first and second grade musical was performed this past Thursday night. The musical was titled ”The Bremen Town Jam.” Jen Slusher, Lincolnview elementary music teacher, had students performing at their best. These students put in a lot of hard work to remember their lines and the songs they had to sing. The audience was treated to an amazing performance.

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First grade students are reading stories with words that have the long “O” sound.  After that they also wrote other long “O” words that were not found in the story.Lincolnview photo

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Students spent time buddy reading the story of the week. They went on a word hunt for sight words and “short u” words. They were able to spend time discussing the story, finding the main idea and details and their favorite parts of the story.

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“Can I work alone on this?” is a question that one might often hear in the classroom setting. Is it meaningful to work in a group or is group work only good for giving students the opportunity to talk with their peers? The students in fourth grade math give a resounding, “Yes!” to both of those questions.

Author Loren Long visits Lincolnview Elementary School. photo provided

Working together with peers is worthwhile as it allows students to not only give ideas to the group, but it also gives each student the opportunity to defend their answer, if needed, which is a very important skill to develop not only in math, but in life. Working in a group setting also provides the students the time to reflect upon their own thinking and deciding whether it is correct or incorrect, which is another important skill to learn in school and in the real world.

So when the question, “Can I work alone on this?” surfaces, we feel, in fourth grade math, that you may certainly work alone, but it can also be very beneficial to collaborate with a peer.

Author Loren Long visited Lincolnview Elementary on Thursday, October 18, to talk to the students about his experiences being an author and illustrator. Mr. Long talked with the students about his famous “Otis” book series and his latest book The Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the Lake. Students had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Long and get books signed. Mr. Long’s visit was sponsored by the Lincolnview Parent Teacher Club.

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In fifth grade social studies, students are learning about American Indians’ unique cultures and ways of life. Students have been collaborating in groups to create a dodecahedron focusing on culture, shelter, artifacts, landforms, natural resources, and adaptations to the environment. The fifth graders have enjoyed working together, writing, researching, and being creative and are excited to present to their peers. Mrs. Kris Tow and Mrs. Jill Cockerell’s co-taught first graders are busy learning all about rain forests. Each student selected a creature found in the rain forest to conduct research on using their chrome books. They will be using the Expanded Expression Tool to write fascinating facts to present to their classmates. The lesson will culminate with a colorful art display depicting the rain forest.

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The Lincolnview Elementary Carnival and Raffle will be held on Friday, April 6, from 4-7 p.m. Join us for food, fun, and games.

As always, we will have the famous Venedocia Lions Club sausage sandwiches, pizza, cotton candy, and much more. We will have inflatables from Ultra Sound in the gymnasium and various carnival games throughout the school.

Come early to sign up to win prizes in our annual raffle. Several local businesses have donated very nice prizes for you to win! Bring your friends and family. Open to everyone! See you there!

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